Tammy is a former foster Mom. She and her husband Robert have adopted their two daughters through foster care. While she is no longer fostering children in her home, she is a big advocate of foster care and foster children. She speaks to the public about her experiences fostering and adopting and encourages community members to begin their fostering journey by empowering them with her support and knowledge.

Both Tammy and Robert have called Southeastern NC their home for most of their lives. Tammy wears many hats working as an insurance agent by day and wife/mother/best friend and best-dressed chauffeur by night. She can be found shuffling her girls after business hours from gymnastics to soccer and everywhere in between.

As a foster parent, Tammy realized how much goes into fostering children that most, including herself, had not thought of and she was determined to learn more.  Being from a small family herself when her fostering journey began she didn’t have much instant support as someone from a larger family might.

As she learned more and established new relationships with fellow foster parents, and the foster care community, she realized how blessed she was to have gained such an incredible support system.

Tammy feels called to help others in the midst of fostering children build similar relationships.  As fate would have it this crossed her path with the other members of the Foster Pantry board, thus beginning a new journey.

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